We have started our new adventure! 🚀

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We have started our new adventure! 🚀

Blog Emile en Floris

In 2020 we got the idea to spread our workshops, retreats, and the Healy worldwide. Quite a big step, especially at this particular time. And yet, it feels we want to continue this plan, despite everything that is going on in the world.

We will live as nomads in the coming period, working and living abroad, and then back to the Netherlands to see family and friends again and give our workshops.

Floris sold his house last summer, and we are going to make plans where we can go. The situation around C * means that we have had to postpone our first trip to Indonesia to October.

We have arrived in the Canary Islands, where we started on Gran Canaria and will visit several islands. Here we focus, among other things, on finding beautiful retreat locations where we can work in the future.  🏝

We look forward to the time when we can connect “normally” with each other, touch, and be in a group without keeping an “obligatory” distance. That time is coming, although the question is when.

In May, we will be in the Netherlands again for a few weeks, and we will facilitate cuddle workshops, sound experiences, and Healy meetings.

Then we go to Ibiza. If you know beautiful retreat spots in Ibiza and the Canary Islands, let us know!

In recent months we have been working on a new website that contains our joint activities, schedule, and blog: www.happyinflow.com. Have a look!

Alam Kita ying yang retreat

On the Karimunjawa (Indonesia) idyllic island, we will give a YinYang retreat from 18 – 24 October 2021.
A week full of fun, relaxation, connection, and enjoying the beautiful surroundings with various excursions to join if you want. The week consists of more active workshops (Yang) and peace and silence (Yin).
More information: with this link

Healy device quantum sensor

And are you already familiar with the healing frequencies of the Healy? 💫
We see it as the future of health. Without pills with all kinds of side effects. Of course, in combination with a healthy lifestyle, the Healy helps keep your health high (preventively). How great is it to treat complaints and illnesses on a physical, emotional, and mental level with frequencies?
The Healy is a unique device with which we have gained great experiences.
You can read more about it on our website: https://happyinflow.com/healy-frequenties/

Healy also works remotely. So if you are interested in a no-obligation measurement of your energy, we can schedule this via Zoom. You can find a link to the calendar on our website.

For now, we wish you sunny greetings, and we look forward to seeing you online, physically in May, or at a retreat in the future! 🌞

Big hugs 🤗,
Floris & Emile