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Emile Wijnen

Emile Wijnen
Emile is a certified facilitator at Cuddle Workshops International & Cuddle Workshops in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Emile: “Making the world a bit more beautiful by connecting people. That’s what makes me happy. ”

Floris van Berkel

Floris van Berkel
Floris is a certified Tai chi & Qi gong teacher and has over 10 years’ experience in giving various awareness-relating workshops.

Floris: “Life is a surprise. By doing everything without resistance, my life is healthy and happy! ”

“Our goal is that you can enjoy life with a positive mindset, in connection with your heart and a healthy body”

Background Emile:

I like to contribute to a world where people are there for each other, work together, live consciously in cohesion and with respect for each other and for nature. In the fairly individualistic society in which we live, I see loneliness as an increasing problem. I feel a great need to make our society more social and more “relaxed”.
I also see many people whose life energy does not flow sufficiently. I like to wake up that little flame in them!

In 2015 I came into contact with medicinal plants, which accelerated my awareness process enormously. By participating in various transformative retreats and diverse bodywork, so much was touched, moved and clarified in me that I felt the need to make major changes in my life in 2017.
One of these was when a long-term love affair turned into a valuable friendship. For the first time in my life I started living independently. I ended the many years of office jobs (including customer service B2B & HR) that cost me a lot of energy.

By consciously distancing myself from situations that were no longer serving me, space and air were created and something new could arise. From June 2017 to September 2019, I guided various healing retreats with bodywork and plant medications, assisting many people in their profound processes of personal self-exploration. This was a very educational period at the organization “The Sacred Voyage”.

Free dancing (in connection with others) is a passion of mine that I will propagate in the future. I participate in the Biodanza teacher training at the Biodanza School Amsterdam to take in the knowledge, skills, dedication, liberation and pleasure and to grow towards what feels right for me. Besides dance, yoga and meditation also have an important place in my daily routine.

Background Floris:

In 2001 I obtained my bachelor’s degree in business economics, after which I worked for 7 years in finance – mainly in the investment world for Philips and Interpolis / Achmea. I was very career-oriented. When more and more suffering from different physical signals occurred, I started to explore my inner world from 2005 onwards. Through an intensive personal development process I discovered what all the signals meant. For example, pain in my stomach meant that I adapted too much, because I only wanted to do well for others. I neglected my own needs.
In 2008 I said goodbye to the investment world to start working at the Dutch association of Worldshops. As a part-time employee I took care of the finances and personnel affairs. Since 2015 I have followed the need to fully commit to awareness activities, especially through Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes.

In 2016 I went to Denmark to learn to live on light / prana / energy. This has awakened my inner strength and nowadays I still eat for pleasure, knowing that I don’t have to. I enjoy all the flavors that life offers us with my current love partner Emile. And I am very grateful!

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