What is Healy?

Everything is energy, vibration with frequencies. Healy has developed technology to use these frequencies (144,000 pieces) in a targeted manner on a physical, emotional and mental level.

The Healy is a medical device and therefore approved and certified. The official text is: “Healy is a medical product for the treatment of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraines and for the supportive treatment of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and associated sleep disorders”.

We are not allowed to make any statements about other treatments because of this medical certification. However, the Healy can do much more, but science cannot measure everything yet.

Albert Einstein: “Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies”

Every cell in your body has its own frequency. This frequency can become unbalanced during illness, stress or trauma. This can cause all kinds of complaints. This is often built up in layers so that you will only notice it at a certain point. In that sense, the Healy also works in layers to get to the cell. It may therefore take a while before you notice the effects, although we also see miraculously fast healings. However, give yourself time and we will take the time to guide you in this.

How do those frequencies get to you?

Using the built-in quantum sensor, the Healy measures which frequencies are needed. Then there are 2 applications, either through electrodes directly to your body or through the quantum sensor in your information field. You can see this as the energy field around you. This treatment can also be done remotely.

On Youtube, you can watch a video about Healy:

Depending on your complaints or what you like to achieve with the Healy, you can choose one of the 120 programs via the Healy app on your phone. You only need your phone at start-up, not after that. Unless you want to adjust the intensity. You can determine this yourself.

You carry the Healy with you and use wristbands, ear clips or adhesive electrodes that are connected with cables and the Healy device. The Healy then sends micro-frequencies to your cells via your nerve pathways.

In another video the Healy is explained:

What are our experiences?

Emile: “At first I was a bit sceptical about Healy. Such a small device that could mean so much for my health? And that works with frequencies? Despite my sceptical attitude, my interest was still aroused.

I have now been using the Healy for a few months and it has become my little big friend. Often the changes I notice are very subtle. And often I don’t notice anything (I know it works on a subconscious level). But sometimes the changes can be perceived so clearly that I’m completely amazed!

So beautiful that physical complaints can disappear without having to take medication. We can protect ourselves by means of frequencies against external influences such as radiation and pollution. And our sense of well-being can be positively influenced.

The Healy has so many application areas, it feels like I give my physical, mental and emotional state a great gift every day. Healy is healing 2.0! ”

Floris: ”I was also sceptical in the beginning. I didn’t believe I needed a device because everything is frequency and with the right intention you can shape everything yourself. No device needed. However, when I realized that this ingenious device works with frequencies and intention by using quantum technology, I became more and more enthusiastic. I feel that it works on a deeper level in my body that I am not immediately aware of. I have no complaints worth mentioning and I see the Healy as a prevention package. What, in addition to a healthy lifestyle, ensures a healthy body and a positive mindset. ”

What are the packages and costs of the Healy?

Healy says; Sharing = Caring!
Every month there is an exciting offer. Ask us about the current one!

The Healy Gold contains the basic programs: relax, being, energy, pure, release, care and balance. The bio-energetic support programs (immune booster and coherence), chronic pain program and the Healadvisor search module.

The Healy Holistic includes the programs of the Gold edition expanded with programs for mental balance and meridians 1 & 2 and bio-energetic harmony 1 & 2.

The Healy Resonance includes all Gold and Holistic editions programs, plus the HealAdvisor analyze and Aura & Resonance module, which allows you to analyze people, animals, buildings, etc., to the currently needed frequencies. These frequencies can then also be transmitted remotely in the information field. You can also send the frequencies of amino acids, Bach flower remedies, Schüssler salts, homoeopathic remedies, gemstones and more. In addition, you will receive the fitness, pain/psyche, sleep, chakras and the power of three program groups.

The Healy Professional contains all Gold, Holistic and Resonance editions programs, plus the modules Success coach, digital nutritional supplements, and revitalization. They are supplemented by the program groups; profession, beauty, skin and protection.

All editions are one-time purchases without a monthly subscription. So you have all programs as long as you have the Healy. You can expand with subscriptions.

The Healy Watch is the digital computer that supports monitoring your exercise activities with many practical applications and a subscription bundle with the connector module to advise you which Healy programs you can run.
This edition costs € 229.90. The connecter module is needed, which costs € 15.73 per month.

Healy is not available in stores, but sales work through network marketing.

There are exciting possibilities! Like helping others with their health and to spread Healy’s yourself. You can also save for upgrading the Healy that you have already bought yourself. As a member of Healy (which is what we are and that you can become), you will receive a commission in exchange for product explanation and support during use.

Prices above are in Euros and do not include local VAT /Tax.

All programs are also available in flexible monthly subscriptions. So you are free to choose your desired programs each month.

What can we do for you?

To introduce you to the special and effective operation of the Healy, we offer you a free, no-obligation measurement. This can be done remotely and gives insight into which programs are currently applicable to you. This is a 45-minute session and you can check our calendar to see what time suits you best.

Afterwards, you can borrow a Healy from us to apply these programs for a week, so that you can experience the Healy. This is on a donation basis. If you decide to buy the Healy through us after this week, you don’t have to pay anything.

After consultation, you can buy the Healy via us in our shop

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Our mission

We are very enthusiastic about the Healy and are happy to spend our time spreading our knowledge about this special device.

And we especially like it when the Healy can be used by as many people as possible. Because we wish good health for everyone and would like to contribute to increasing the vibration frequency on Earth. In order to broaden consciousness and to enjoy our lives happily and healthily.

                 Nikola Tesla: