The Happy in Flow range

Floris and Emile give various workshops. They combine their passions to contribute to a more sustainable, relaxed and connected society. They do this through:

Sound Experiences

A moment for yourself to relax and let the sound vibrations of indigenous instruments purify your body of blocked energy.


Manage your Energy Workshop

Find out what gives you energy and where you leak it. How to generate, maintain and monitor energy, feel energized at any time.

workshop beheer je energiehuishouding

Happy Flow Sessions

A combination of connecting exercises, Qi gong, dance, meditation and sound experiences, in which peace, awareness and connection are central. Wonderful to move in your own flow and be present. Inspired by the power of the 6 elements (wood – fire – earth – metal – water – ether).

Happy flow sessie

Tai chi en Qi Gong

Simple movement exercises for inner peace, more vitality and balance.

Tai Chi

Connection workshop

Playful and inspiring exercises to promote group spirit. The workshop is aimed at having fun and getting to know each other better in an accessible way.


Cuddle workshops

Come into contact with others through structured exercises. This is set in a safe setting, where you are invited to express your desires and to notice and communicate your boundaries.


Happy Flow @ Work shop

Our goal is to create an inspiring work environment with committed and relaxed employees. The Happy Flow @ Work shop helps employees to be happy on the work floor and beyond. This is achieved by increasing your own body awareness and making authentic contact with others.

Individual sessions

Explore a Healy session, massage, hugging, coaching and / or information about living on prana.


A combination of our activities in which you can connect more deeply with youself and the group. Inspired by the ideal cooperation between Yin (silence, peace, being with yourself) and Yang (talking, dancing, connecting with others) in order to achieve unity.